About second hand

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Over a long period of time of second hand shops existence, people have formed their own view and opinion on shops of such type and their assortment. A lot of myths have appeared which are quite far out.

In European countries people who give things to the so called “second hand” can apply for tax remissions. Such system has been existing for quite a time.

Nowadays online shopping has become extremely popular in the west. However delivered item tend not fit or they appear to be completely different from the ones seen at the moment of purchase. Such things are also given to second hand, from where they are sent to sorting offices. Apart from that, famous brands also deliver clothes to second hand offices. Usually these are previous collections’ and seasons’ items, which appeared to be unclaimed even during sales. That is why do not be surprised if you find a new, unworn piece of clothes with a tag in a second hand shop.

Items are sorted out at clothing bases according to the quality category, after that they are sold to special companies. And this is where second hand shops owners buy clothes, footwear, accessories and even children toys.

Thus today second hand shops are a great alternative to usual ready-made clothes shops, where sometimes it is possible to see the same item, but at a higher price.